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10 Phases of The Fashion Design Process

Fashion design is a series of steps that must be taken in order to reach the desired end result. Fashion product development begins with an idea. This allows for the goal to be expressed in a clear form. It takes at least 18 to 24 months for fashion design to achieve its goal.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fashion Design

Forecasting Fashion

Fashion designers need to be stimulated in order to create new designs that will appeal to people. It is essential to be able to think creatively about current fashion trends. Designers can get creative ideas by analyzing and researching various fashion events.


Conceptualization is an essential fashion design stage that allows designers to create a theme using the latest trends in color, trims and fabrics. Designers will use the mood board to help them create the theme for their collection or range. The inspiration board will help designers create the final theme.


This stage should reflect the creativity of fashion design. It will allow the designer to transform the images into fashion illustrations that give the collection a wholesome appearance with the brand's focus.

Fabric Selection

Next, you need to find the fabric that will enhance the silhouette's appeal while also being functional and affordable. These properties include weight, construction, tenacity, and so on. These properties are crucial in choosing the best fashion.

Trim Selection

The decision-making process will be easier if you choose the right trims to complement your body fabric and the price.

Choose from a variety of colors

Next, you will need to choose the right color palette based on the predicted trends for the season. The chosen color should reflect the theme's personality.

Planning Range

You can see the garment's real-time appearance by having it imitated on a mannequin. The garment is then remodeled in order to meet the expectations of clients and brands.

Style selection

Innovating and practicing fashion design will allow you to create beautiful designs that can win over people's hearts. The design will be a great success if it is based on the interests of the target audience.


This will allow you to determine the details such as hidden, functional, or decorative that could enhance the piece's appeal. Fashion design courses is all about creating unique clothes with custom fastenings, intricate print, and decorative stitching.

Feasibility Study

The fashion line assessment will provide information about the production and financial feasibility of the product, keeping in mind the goals. This will examine the cost-optimization methods that can help in creating products that are attractive to buyers. Fashion designing courses in Chandigarh will teach students how to quickly grasp the world of fashion design.


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